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"Rest and Reflect" mini retreat - now in person!

Join me and allow me to wrap you in a blanket of restorative practice.

I am excited to offer my first in person mini retreat workshop on Sunday 5th May 2024, 10am - 12 midday, in Bounds Green, North London.

Cultivate clarity, purpose, and inner peace to set you up for the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend.

This unique program blends the power of life coaching, mindful reflection, gentle yoga, and guided meditation practices. This workshop empowers you to:

  • Harness the Power of Self-Discovery: Through carefully crafted journaling prompts, you'll embark on a journey of introspection, uncovering valuable insights and reigniting your aspirations.

  • Unlock Your Inner Potential: My gentle guidance will help you navigate your thoughts, fostering clarity and a deeper understanding of your goals.

  • Embrace Restorative Practices: A beautifully-crafted, slow flow yoga session will gently guide your body towards relaxation, preparing you for the remainder of the weekend with renewed energy.


This workshop is designed for you if:

  • You're feeling overwhelmed and need a space to unwind and recharge.

  • You seek a deeper understanding of yourself and your aspirations.

  • You're interested in exploring mindfulness practices to cultivate inner peace.


No prior experience is necessary. Bring an open mind, a willingness to explore, and a desire to invest in your well-being.

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